30 October 2015

Memorandum of Understanding



Purpose of the programme is to: a) motivate students, young scientists and specialists for education, creativity and practical application of their knowledge and skills; b) encourage scientists, specialists and businessmen to cooperate and jointly support development/transfer of innovative technologies; c) pay tribute to Georgian and foreign prominent scientists, specialists and businessmen for their tangible contribution to socioeconomic progress of the country.

Expected outcomes

Talented students, young scientists and specialists inspired for better education and involvement in innovative research, technology development and transfer. Creation of additional motivation for closer cooperation between researchers/specialists and businessmen.

Format of the programme

The programme is implemented in the frame of Targeted Granting Scheme, through the calls for project proposals. In exceptional cases Direct Granting Scheme may be also applied. The content and financial expression of provided awards/fellowships vary depending on category and personality of the nominee.