30 October 2015

Memorandum of Understanding

Technology Development and Transfer


Purpose of the programme is to support Georgian scientists and specialists for conducting innovative research with: a) commercialisation potential to make a tangible contribution to knowledge based economy development and b) focus on relevant socioeconomic challenges.

Expected outcomes

Solid basis will be established for practical application of scientific research outcomes and for development of competitive technologies. Georgian scientists and specialists will be given the opportunity to perform cutting edge, result oriented research in cooperation with Georgian and/or foreign colleagues and companies.

Format of the programme

The programme is implemented in the frame of Targeted Granting Scheme, through the calls for project proposals. In exceptional cases Direct Granting Scheme may be applied to speed up response to actual demands of local and international markets and/or to urgent socioeconomic challenges.  Project proposals, submitted to the various calls by the group of researchers and/or specialists, should comply with the following basic requirements: duration up to 48 months; maximum of requested funds 300 000 GEL.

Following expenses are eligible for granting:

-          Remuneration of the project participants;

-          Procurement of necessary equipment and consumables;

-          Organisation of scientific meetings, workshops, brokerage events, etc. being open for participation of foreign researchers, specialists and businessmen;

-          Internal and international travels;

-          Patenting, licensing and/or publication costs.

NB: a) High scientific importance of the project outcomes and/or availability of added value potential as well as achievement of tangible results in solution of socioeconomic challenges may be considered by TSF as an opportunity for the project continuation and/or supplementary funding under the Direct Granting Scheme; b) Preference will be given to co-funded projects as well as to the projects with participation of young researchers/specialists and/or cooperation with local/international universities, research institutes and/or companies.