30 October 2015

Memorandum of Understanding

Students’ Innovative activities


Purpose of the programme is to motivate Georgian students of universities and vocational colleges for creativity and stimulate their interest in gaining knowledge and skills necessary for innovative result oriented activities.

Expected outcomes

The students of universities and vocational colleges will be given the opportunity to develop their ideas and/or research outcomes by working in modern laboratories, companies and experimental farms.

Format of the programme

The programme is implemented in the frame of Targeted Granting Scheme, through the calls for project proposals. Proposals, submitted to the various calls under this programme, either by the individual applicant or the group, need to comply with the following basic requirements: duration up to 6 months; maximum of requested funds 10 000 GEL.

Following expenses are eligible for granting:

  • Procurement of necessary small equipment and consumables;
  • Internal travel;
  • Patenting and/or publication costs.

Up to 10% of requested funds are not subject to audit and can be spent at grantees’ discretion.

NB: a) High scientific importance of the project outcomes and/or availability of added value potential (e.g. expediency of international patenting) may be considered by TSF as an opportunity for the project continuation and/or supplementary funding under the Direct Granting Scheme; b) Preference will be given to co-funded projects.