30 October 2015

Memorandum of Understanding

Mission and basic principles

Welcome message

Thank you for visiting the website of Education, Science and Technological Development TS Foundation for Tomorrow’s Success.

Realising the necessity of advancing the knowledge-based economy in Georgia, we had established the Foundation in June 2015 with the purpose to assist in development of high tech production by the local enterprises and companies. Respectively, we provide diverse instruments in support of research commercialisation and cooperation between education, science/technology and business.

Distinguishing feature of the Foundation is prompt and adequate response on socioeconomic challenges and market demands as well as lasting support of education, science and innovation in the fields of strategic importance for the country.

Motivation of young generation for creativity and stimulation of their interest in result oriented, up-to-date research and technology is a priority of the Foundation and our door is always open for young innovators.

We are in favour of higher and vocational education’s modernisation and will provide grants for talented students, updating the laboratories’ equipment, helping Georgian universities and colleges in implementation of new programmes, etc. In such a way, we expect to make available critical mass of qualified specialists and skilled technicians in the country.   

Cooperation with foreign vis-à-vis organisations and adoption of the best international practices in science, technology and education is considered as a key element of our activities.

Will be glad if the Foundation appears to be somewhat helpful for the progress in your activities and we manage to set up fruitful cooperation. 


Tamaz Somkhishvili

The Founder 




Assistance in bridging and mutual facilitation of higher/vocational education, scientific research and business/ industry in Georgia.

Basic principles

Selective and tailor made support


Prompt response on societal challenges, market demand and new ideas/technologies


Continuous and adequate support on the whole course of higher/ vocational education  and marketable products’ development


Openness for international cooperation and introduction/ adoption of best international practice