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09 October 2015

In the framework of Studens' Innovative  Programme, TSF is announcing the Call for Project Proposals.

The aim of the call is to identify talented Georgian students of universities and vocational colleges through the merit-based competition, motivate them to creative thinking and stimulate interest in gaining knowledge and skills necessary for innovative result oriented activities.

Project proposals submitted to this call, either by the individual applicant or the group, need to comply with the following basic requirements: duration up to 6 months; maximum of requested funds 10 000 GEL.

Scientific importance of the project outcomes and/or availability of added value potential (e.g. expediency of international patenting) may be considered by TSF as an opportunity for the project continuation and/or supplementary funding.

Deadline for the project proposal's submission (short version): 24:00, November 25,  2015. 

Access to the electronic sumbission system is available on the Georgian version of TSF's website. 

NB Following the “Law of Georgia on grants” category of “grantee” can be given only to the Georgian citizens, including students of foreign universities and colleges. Foreign citizens may participate in TSF’s granted project in the status of consultants and/or assisting staff (technicians).


27 january 2016

On the initial stage of the call “Grants for Students’ Innovative Projects” 60 short form project proposals were submitted to TSF. Project proposals were evaluated by the Panel of Experts in compliance with the announced criteria and finally 21 projects were selected for the second stage of evaluation.

Following the guidelines, after evaluation of 21 full form project proposals and auditing respective presentations of the applicants, the Panel approved 9 projects for funding.

List of granted projects:

30 October 2015

The Education, Science and Technological Development TS Foundation and the Consulting and Intermediate Company “Retectum” Ltd (Finland) has concluded the Memorandum of Understanding on bilateral cooperation. Memorandum was signed in Tbilisi at the office of TS Foundation on 28 October, 2015.

“Retectum”, and especially its Director in International Relations Mr. Lasse Koivunen, has a wide expertise in high-tech production’s initiation and development through supporting higher/vocational education, innovative research and partnership between science and industry. In last two decades Finnish partner has implemented number of international projects in the countries with developing economy, including Georgia.

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